Executive and Committees

SPIA members who actively participate in Association committees can benefit from a rewarding experience, both in personal growth and company networking.

Officers for 2016-17

Kent Pizzey, PGI Printers
Darren Schaeffer, Western Litho Printers Ltd
Daryl Schaffer, Adventure Printing
Ted Mitchell, Houghton Boston Printers

Directors for 2016-17

Blair Baron, Eagle Printing and Buttons

Daryl Breckner, Globe Printers Ltd.

Lisa Pluhowy, Fastprint Plus

Executive Director

Martin Zip, Saskatchewan Printing Industries Association


The success of SPIA is largely due to our volunteer committee structure. SPIA members are encouraged to become involved, to develop policies and services based on thoughtful analysis of the pressing needs and issues of the day that affect the printing industries. Committee chairpersons are generally members of the SPIA Executive.

Standing Committees

Blair Baron, Eagle Printing and Buttons Ltd.
Daryl Schaffer, Adventure Printing
Kent Pizzey, PGI Printers
Martin Zip, Saskatchewan Printing Industries Association

Contact Information

  • Blair Baron, Director
    306-359-3480 (fax)
  • Daryl Schaffer, Vice President
    306-352-5642 (fax)
  • Lisa Pluhowy, Director
    Regina, SK
    306-565-0644 (fax)
  • Martin Zip, Executive Director
    PO Box 7152
    Saskatoon, SK S7K 4J1
  • Ted Mitchell, Secretary / Treasurer
    306-665-1027 (fax)

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