Saskatchewan Printing Industries Association

The Saskatchewan Printing Industries Association (SPIA) is a non-profit, voluntary trade association dedicated to promoting the best interests of the printing and allied industries in Saskatchewan. The provincial association is governed by a Board of Directors, which is elected by the membership from among the most progressive firms in the industry.

The association was formed in 1960 as the Saskatchewan Graphics Arts Association with the amalgamation of the Saskatoon Employing Printers Association and the Employing Printers Association of Regina.

Meetings are held monthly with members in both Regina and Saskatoon participating via video conference.

SPIA encourages members to directly join Printing United Alliance. As the representative of an industry with over one million employees and serving the interests of thousands of member companies, Printing United Alliance promotes the interests of the graphic arts and allied industries on an International level. By joining Printing United Alliance, SPIA members would have unparalleled access to preeminent education, training, workshops, events, research, government and legislative representation, safety and environmental sustainability guidance, as well as resources from the leading media company in the industry – NAPCO Media.

SPIA is a proud member of the Canadian Printing Industries Association (CPIA). Their mission as an association is to strengthen and support the continual advancement of the printing industry across Canada. CPIA sets out to accomplish this mission in two important ways.:

  1. Provide a national voice and platform for the printing and allied industries
  2. Provide a central connecting point for regional print associations, sector associations and print-focussed post-secondary educational programs

CPIA aims to bring the printing industry closer together – through facilitating the collaboration of  members and key industry stakeholders; and through active engagement with other industry sectors, Provincial Governments and the Federal Government of Canada.

SPIA Objectives

Members of the SPIA are responsible companies that conscientiously manufacture their products to meet or exceed their clients’ expectations.

Together, the members:

  • foster the free enterprise and entrepreneurial ideology;
  • increase the influence and prestige of the graphic arts industry to the general business community and all levels of government;
  • develop and sponsor programs of specific interest to its members in the areas of management, employee relations, finance, production, sales, marketing and technical expertise;
  • provide guidance to suppliers of equipment and materials on how best to serve the needs of the industry;
  • anticipate and promote awareness of change in the technological, social or economic environment we live in;
  • provide a forum for the exchange of business ideas and a means of socializing with our peers;
  • promote educational programs provided for the graphic arts industry by University and Technical Institutions.

Members of the SPIA have adopted a Code of Ethics that promotes their professionalism.

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