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While the graphic arts industry grows in complexity, executives are faced with a broad range of new and changing business conditions which influence their company’s growth and profitability. With these issues, comes your need for a dependable, comprehensive, industry specific, source of information about your business. The SPIA and CPIA fulfill this role.

When you join SPIA, with branches in Saskatoon and Regina, you automatically become a full member of the Printing Industries of America (PIA) which includes the former Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF). You receive the full benefits of membership in the largest graphic arts association in the world.

The printing industries are largely made up of many small businesses, each of which can benefit greatly from the exchange of experience and information through association with colleagues, competitors, customers and suppliers. Membership offers you the opportunity to participate in the SPIA industry networks. Join us at branch meetings, plant tours, seminars, and national and international conferences and conventions. Contribute to the direction of the association by participating in industry-specific committees.


As a member of SPIA, members can also have access to industry financial ratio studies, whereby you can compare your company’s performance each year, with over 1,000 printing industry companies in Canada and the USA. These studies are one of the most valuable tools available to the industry. This service is only available to members. Together, we work to help strengthen individual businesses and the graphic arts industry as a whole.

SPIA Members have Premium Membership in

Why is this opportunity good value for Members of the SPIA? It provides SPIA Members with:

  • in-depth news, commentary and analysis on the printing industry and the many factors that affect its growth
  • an expansion of the services provided free from including industry reports and research to assist in running your printing operations

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