Code of Ethics

Members of the SPIA are committed to adhering to our Code of Ethics:

  • respect all rules of the SPIA and the resolutions adopted by the Board of Directors and/or Annual General Meetings;
  • respect their obligations towards their clients;
  • respect the “Printing Trade Customs and Practices” published by the SPIA,Canadian Printing Industries Association (CPIA) and Printing Industries of America (PIA);
  • respect the environment;
  • respect the health and safety of our employees;
  • recognize and respect the laws and regulations governing business;
  • aim for excellence in all aspects of administration;
  • respect the confidentiality of work confided to us;
  • actively perform, promote and encourage the highest standards of conduct in our industry.

The Saskatchewan Printing Industries Association has adopted this Code of Ethics in order to promote and maintain the highest level of service and products offered to our clients.

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